{Fashion Friday-The Optical Boutique-Vancouver}


In preparation for our trip to Vancouver today, we had to take inspiration from one of our favorite eyewear muses, Sue R from The Optical Boutique. We shot with  her a few years back and love to follow her, always floored by her sartorial and optical choices!  Mad Style. She has a knack for print mixing, color and eye popping frames. We could gush for days. So, we have to take our A game in these Fakoshima frames to meet with her and catch up and maybe  do a little shoot to share with you in the future.

As they say, When in Vancover, er I mean Rome. 🙂

{Fashion Friday-Oh Hey, Fall}

Welcome to Fall

HOW is it possibly Fall Already?? I mean, I get it, everyone is sick of sticky, sweaty summer weather but really, is it almost October? OK rant over. The weather is still lovely. It’s time to throw a kimono or long sweater over your normal summer wardrobe and keep on walking. These Thierry Lasry “Cheeky” frames in sapphire acetate bring Fall in smooth like pumpkin butter.

{Fashion Friday-Pool Lounging}

Destin SoireDon’t hate me because I’m still not home. It’s my last evening on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida and that calls for a farewell soiree by the pool. Friends, family and bubbles are the only way to send this girl back to the big city. A relaxed poolside event like this calls for a beach ensemble topped with big city frames. A Mara Hoffman suit topped with these gorgeous Thierry Lasry Turquoise Cupidity Frames make the perfect combination.


{Fashion Friday-Beaching It}

Beaching itIt’s time for my annual trip home to see the Rents. First up is lunch with my mom. I’m so excited to play with family and friends and hang at the beach for a week. I will be in nothing too fancy or stuffy for a good solid chunk of time so flowy dresses and wrap sandals will be perfectly topped with these Victoria Beckham Aviator Mirrored Frames. They couldn’t be more apropos with one of the largest Air Force Bases located smack dab in the middle of my home town. I will fit right in. What’s that you say? Of course, I’d love to take an F-35 for a spin!

See you in a week.

{Fashion Friday-Play Hooky}


I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Summer is rapidly coming to a close! (Say it ain’t SO) I KNOW, I’m devastated too. All too quickly the air will turn a little cooler, the days will get a little shorter and before long you and I will be bundled up like polar bears! (Say it ain’t SOOOOO)

So, here’s my suggestion!! Let’s play HOOKY today!! Come on!! Everyone will be off for Labor Day next week! Why not sneak in one last leisurely day to just do nothing! Skip work, it can wait. Do not clean that kitchen, it can DEFinitely wait. Put on a cute outfit, swipe a red hot berry lip stain on your pucker and wear a pair of inappropriate heels that make you slow down and enjoy the scenery, maybe even stop frequently on a park bench and just people watch. Don’t forget your biggest movie star frames like these from Marie Claire and no one will be the wiser of your gawking! It will be fun, trust me!

See you in the Park!