{Your New Best Friend-Volumizing Mascara}

Your New BF-Mascara

We are back with another installment of “Your New Best Friend.” Let’s talk Mascara! Now we already discussed in this post on eyelash curlers how it’s best to coax your lashes up and away from your lenses. In this same vein, a lengthening mascara will not be your friend. So you want to look for a mascara that is volumizing and adds thickening to your lashes. One caveat to that statement, if you ARE using the eyelash curler like we suggested, you may still be able to use one that is created for lengthening. Try it out and let us know how it works for you!

One of our favorites is this one from Buxom. It gives us thick, gorgeous lashes and it’s our top pick. But not to rest on their laurels, Buxom has also created a Mascara Bar, exclusively at Sephora with 7 different brushes to choose from! This, kids is kind of genius! You can customize your lashes! We love the Thick&Defined and the Full&Fabulous on days when we wear our frames. We have also layered more than one mascara on. For example we use the DiorShow and then top that with Buxom. Because they have slightly different brushes, they create a more multidimensional look.

So get out there and play with some of these! Make those eyes pop behind those frames with thick, fluttery lashes! Wink, Wink.

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