{Your New Best Friend-Brow Stencils}

Brow Stencils


Ok Lovelies, let’s talk brows! I know a lot of you with frames struggle with how to do your makeup when you wear glasses. Can I wear the latest makeup trends? How do I apply makeup with my glasses on? How do I prevent my mascara from ending up on the inside of my frames? I’m sure there are more so please feel free to share.

We are going to be tackling some of those things in this new feature here on F&F. Meet “Your New Best Friend”……Brow Stencils. Groomed and beautifully shaped brows are one of the easiest ways to complement your glasses without competing with them. These stencils make it so easy to get a gorgeous shape with nary a thought. Just place them over your brow and fill in, using your favorite brow shadow or pencil. We will tell you more about those in a later post.

A number of companies make stencil kits and you can pick one close to your actual brow shape or get a little daring and create a whole new look.  So get grab one and PLAY! They come in a range of prices but our pick has to be the ELF Kit, because for $1, you can afford to experiment and have some fun!

PS-Gents, this doesn’t get you off the hook. Even if you’re not going to try the stencils, be sure to get your brows groomed when you get your hair cut. NO shaggy brows please.

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